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singing holidays


Singing holidays are a wonderful opportunity to deepen our relationship with our voice. Away from our regular schedules and habits, with all the practicalities of life taken care of, we can sink more deeply into the present moment, where creativity arises. With less for our minds to think about, we drop into our bodies where our voices are free to explore and express. A week-long immersion can provide a powerful boost to our vocal journey and is a much needed gift for mind, body, heart and soul. These holidays are open to anyone who has sung with Sophia at a workshop or choir.

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sailboat holiday, turkey

27 April - 4 May 2024


Explore the Aegean coastline of Turkey on board a traditional handcrafted gulet. Sophia leads daily singing in a beautiful setting; stunning coves, ancient Greek and Roman ruins or in the garden of a nomad family. Away from the traditional tourist path, with short hikes accessible from the sea, you’ll experience a unique vista of the Turquoise coast. Feast on fresh and healthy food prepared by on board chef and relax at night under the stars. Full details here

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