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earth's child

flash mob London

tues 11th July 2023

Due to London marathon the Flashmob will now be in my hometown of Lewes, East Sussex. We will sing Emily Roblyn's powerful and evocative song 'Earth's Child'. All are welcome. You just need to learn the song in advance (it's short and sweet) and show up at the railway lands at midday. Full details below...

Sing for Earth Day 2023.jpg

location & timings

We will gather at 12pm at the railway lands to practice the arrangement of the song.

*It is crucial that everyone is here for this - please arrive on time* 

The flashmob itself will be around 1pm and last less than 10 mins. It will happen somewhere on Cliff high street. 

the song

We will be singing this incredible song by Emily Roblyn - Earth's Child. It has 4 separate interlocking parts. They are each short and simple, but you will need to learn it in advance, as well as meet to rehearse it on the day. The sound files are for the sole purpose of learning the song for this event. If you want to share the song in any other context please contact Emily directly. She has just published a book with 11 incredibly beautiful, powerful and healing songs that form a significant percentage of my favourite repertoire to teach! You can buy the book here. 


Here is the video of the flashmob Hackney Harmony did in 2013 for some inspiration. 

All singers taking part are invited to make a donation to the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature (GARN) - a global network of organizations and individuals committed to the universal adoption and implementation of legal systems that recognize, respect and enforce “Rights of Nature”.

Please send me an email to let me know you're coming, so I know who/how many to expect on the day :)

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