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"Our voice is how we meet the world, our song is how our soul meets life,

singing together is how our hearts meet each other.

When we sound every cell vibrates, when we sing, every cell is singing" 

"If you can talk you can sing...

 if you can walk you can dance"

Zimbabwean proverb

We are sound makers. We are vibration. We are resonant beings. 

The voice gives us a direct and embodied experience of ourselves, allowing us to exist in the present moment.


Our voice can be our own personal healing tool - it can uplift, soothe, release or re-balance, depending on how we use it for our physical, emotional and spiritual needs in the moment.

Working with the voice brings us into a deeper connection to the power and potency of our being. 


My prayer is that we all rediscover and reclaim our innate nature as a sound beings and music makers.

"Sophia has a rare gift, her teaching is joyful, instinctive and inclusive, she knows a whole host of beautiful songs from all over the world, and it's clear that her music comes straight from the heart." 

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