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ONLINE workshops

An opportunity to gather in heart and voice, from wherever you are in the world, and enjoy the healing power of voice and song. 


Using a live loop pedal I will weave together the different parts for everyone to sing with, so we all have the experience of singing into the harmonies.

Songs that nurture a sense of belonging to, and honouring of, our beautiful home here on Earth. Lifting up prayers for peace, unity, celebration and remembering.


Although we won't be hearing every voice, there is something touching about seeing everyones faces and knowing we are all singing the same song at the same time, strengthening the web of connection across land and sea. Singing in our own homes is an invitation to express more freely and connect with our voice in a more intimate way


"I get the same beautiful emotional heart opening/ tears in my eyes that I used to get in singing workshops in a field. I couldn't have imagined getting this from an online choir."


"Every session is a joy Sophia. I didn't know of you until lockdown and singing with you is always heart warming, grounding and life affirming"

"I really really needed to sing in a group and this workshop was as close to real life group singing that I have experienced. Beautiful choice of songs. Thank you Sophia :) You help me to bring me back to myself!"

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