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We are sound makers. We are vibration. We are resonant beings. 

Our voice gives us a direct and embodied experience of ourselves. Among many things, our voice can be our own personal healing tool - it can uplift, soothe, release or re-balance, depending on how we use it for our physical, emotional and spiritual needs in the moment.

Some of us can feel we have lost our connection with our voice, or we never found it in the first place. This workshop will help to guide you into a deeper connection to the power and potency of your voice, so you may rediscover and reclaim your innate nature as a sound being.

Our voices (along with the rest of us) are constantly moving through cycles of transformation and renewal. It's important we nurture a soft acceptance of ourselves exactly where we are at, as we grow and change. Working with the voice can be a beautiful and valuable part of this process.

Here are some comments from the last workshop:

"That was really very enjoyable and liberating. To sing with the body not the mind" 

"I - like many women - have struggled with menopausal deterioration of the vocal chords, this practice allows me to sound and regain confidence"

"It really gave a totally different experience to sing from an embodied place."


A 90 minute online workshop to bring you into deeper relationship with your authentic, embodied voice.

This workshop will take you on an embodied journey into the depth and vastness of your voice. Using gently guided yet potent vocal practices, including an exploration of the 4 elements of your being, you will be invited to meet yourself with curiosity, reverence, playfulness and compassion, expanding and deepening the landscape of your voice.

Wear comfortable clothes you can move in. You will need a blanket, yoga matt or sheepskin as one of the exercises you will be invited to lie down. 


Your voice won't be heard in the group, unless you choose to speak during one of the opportunities to share. During the exercises you will be muted so you can be free to explore freely.


Have tea and water handy :)


2021 dates to be announced - join mailing list for latest updates**

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