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vocal improvisation

Vocal improvisation is about dropping into presence, letting go of control and allowing our voice to express itself freely in the moment. From this place our true voice can arise, and we can express parts of ourselves that words cannot reach. It can be scary to stand in the unknown and allow ourselves to be seen and heard - through this practice we cultivate the ability to surrender, trust deeply and be kind to ourselves.  

“Creativity is God’s gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God.” Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way


Vocal improvisation can be a deep and therapeutic practice as well as a light-hearted joyful one! In this workshop you will be guided through embodiment exercises to settle us into the body, as well as some playful warm-ups to widen our palette of sound. We will then work with some simple tools and structures for making music with others, moving into free improvisation. 


One of the main skills required for vocal improvisation is listening. Along with all other art forms, it’s about accessing our receptive side - the part of us that can become empty and spacious so that we can hear the sounds that want to come through us. At first it’s a case of opening your mouth and seeing what comes out, but after time we develop a deep trust in what wants to be voiced.

We all have a voice and allowing it to explore itself freely brings us into a deep connection with our inner world. Come and explore, dive in deep and see what treasure awaits you. Every voice is welcome, no experience necessary.

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