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SING for Earth day

23rd April 2022


A whole day of song, dance and live music to nourish your body and soul.

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This event is part of a mycelium of events taking place around the UK and in several other Countries around the world to honour Earth Day. Helping to raise funds for The Global Environmental Network.

Sophia will be offering alongside Liz Terry (founder of Sing for Earth Day), Denise Rowe, Asha McCarthy, Sophie Strerkx,

Carrie Tree, Martha Tilston & Sivani Mata

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About sing for earth


Sing For Earth is a restorative and creative based initiative to mark Earth day with groups and events taking place across the UK and beyond. This year we are holding indoor and outdoor gatherings and we are delighted to once again, be able to offer a network of in person events after two years being online due to Covid.

We hold environmental awareness at the heart of who we are and what we do. 

We actively nurture and share regenerative and restorative practices helping to cultivate unity and deepening understanding between cultures through song, music and dance.

Our work aims to support the well being of people, other species and our planet.

Our moto is:
'Everyday As Earth Day' and we offer opportunities to participate in song, music, and dance
led by experienced facilitators to support well being of people and planet.

We draw wisdom from The Work That Reconnects,
advocate for environmental movements, raise awareness of current
Global and Local issues and raise funds for organisations who are
making a positive difference. 

​We are a Glocal initiative!

This year our Sing For Earth Day 2022 is supporting the
Global Environmental Network

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