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Voices Unite

When members from Sophias different choirs sing together they become one super choir - Voices Unite!


"We sing for peace, we sing for love and we sing for the earth. Over the years we have sung at protests, actions and charity events including Sing for Water. Singing is such a powerful and embodied way to have our voices heard about things that really matter in this world."


Here they are singing Helen Yeomans Motherland at the climate protest (protect) in London, March 2015...


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A one-off collaboration between three extraordinary community choirs, with support from the phenomenal singer-songwriter Carrie Tree. 


Hackney Harmony, Acland Burghley Harmony Singers and Zu Choir come together to form 'Voices Unite', bringing you an exciting array of songs to uplift your heart and feed your soul. All profits will go to WaterAid UK and the local charity 'Akwaaba' - a social centre for refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants, providing them a safe, welcoming and non-hierarchical space in which visitors and volunteers of all faiths and none can connect with one another and build a shared community.

UK singer/songwriter Carrie Tree has been travelling and performing with her music around the world for many years, playing across Europe, Africa, Australia and America, sharing songs of honesty, reflection and healing. Carrie touches a deep place in listeners with her thoughtful lyrics and soulful melodies, creating an intimate setting which opens hearts and brings people closer together. With a mesmerising voice and unique style, she accompanies herself with intricate guitar, diving deep into the heart of acoustic folk soul. Folk Radio - 'It's worth giving this your proper, undivided attention ... it's not the devil you'll find in the details, but a real slice of the divine.' Carly Simon - 'a phenomenal singer-songwriter.'

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